June 7-9, 2024 is the MAAM Reading WWII Weekend.  Thousands of reenactors along with dozens of vintage warbirds make this a must see event.  This is one of the largest shows of its kind in the country and should be a definite on everyone’s calendar.  We will be set up in the south pacific area with our Jeep and Bomb Trailer.  


June 25, 2024 is the New Garden Evening of Aviation & Flight. This is a really good show with a light show and fireworks… and of course lots of awesome planes.  We will be there near the army tent with our Jeep and Bomb Trailer.  Definitely a fun time for little & big kids!


EBT Goes to WarThe EBT Goes to WAR. The East Broad Top Railroad holds an annual living history event which includes Civil War, WWI & WWII Reenactors.  This will be our first year attending, but from videos online and word of mouth, we hear this is a great event to attend.  They have a great steam-powered train and a trolley museum.  


Stahlhelms.com is dedicated to preserving the history of WWI and WWII.  We have created this site to assist the militaria collector, re-enactor and general WWI & WWII historian.
Since 1989, Stahlhelms Milita
ry Collectibles has collected military artifacts from the United States, Germany, and Japan. The main focus of our museum is WWI and WWII, but we are looking to expand to the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War as our collection grows.

This website is organized into specific pages that allow the reader to view genuine military items from WWI & WWII in our Museum section, read our reviews of some of the east coast’s best living history events such as the MAAM WWII Weekend in the Reenactor section, view pictures and videos of some of our favorite air shows like Airfest at the NAS in Wildwood in the Air Show section, and view pictures from the car shows like the Mushroom Festival that we enter our WWII Jeep & WWII Mini Jeep in the Car Show section. 

Our collection at Stahlhelms.com continues to grow as we are always buying new items for our collection so check back often.