During WWI, the German Empire was one of the Central Powers that lost the war. It began participation in the conflict after the declaration of war against Serbia by its ally, Austria-Hungary. German forces fought the Allies on both the eastern and western fronts, although German territory itself remained relatively safe from widespread invasion for most of the war, except for a brief period in 1914 when East Prussia was invaded. At the end of the war, Germany’s defeat and widespread popular discontent triggered the German Revolution of 1918–19 which overthrew the monarchy and established the Weimar Republic.

The Stahlhelms Museum has received an amazing donation of WWI German Headgear, medals and insignia from the estate of Hans Munnich. Hans Munnich collected WWI memorabilia with his father Hermann who served with the German Army during WWI. Hans’ collection can be seen in the Spiked Helmet and Medals & Insignia section of the WWI German Museum.