Reenactments are a great place to see uniforms & equipment up close. There are four shows we attend each year and highly recommend.

Reading WWII Air Show

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA holds the Reading WWII Airshow / Weekend each year during the first weekend in June to commemorate D-Day.  This is a massive 3-day event that includes everything WWII.  There are thousands of reenactors that set up well organized camps across the fields that include allied and axis participants.  The main hanger hosts WWII veterans and showcases some spectacular collections.  The Airshow portion of the show includes all types of WWII planes from trainers to fighters to bombers…including the last flying B-29s in the world (Doc & Fifi).  There are Tanks, Jeeps, Trucks, vintage cars and even a fabricated WWII village that the Germans occupy until the Allies liberate the town in the afternoon.  Check the schedules and plan ahead!  The flame thrower demonstration is one-of-a-kind!  There is a huge flea market area where you can buy souvenirs as well as actual military items from WWII! If you go to only one show this year…this should be the one!  

New Garden Air Show

The New Garden Airshow is an annual Airshow held in June at the New Garden Airfield in Toughkenemon, PA.  This year’s show is scheduled for June 25th. It includes a nighttime show with drones and fireworks. It’s truly a great time for kids and adults. There are food vendors and opportunities to purchase tickets to fly in some of the planes.

Horsham WW2 Weekend

The EBT Goes to WAR.  is a new show for us in Rockhill, PA. It includes Civil War, WWI & WWII Reenactors as well as a functioning steam locomotive train where you can purchase tickets for a 1 hour ride. It is being held May 11-12. Click on the link for more info and directions.

Trains & Troops PA Railroad Museum

Trains & Troops is usually the weekend before Veteran’s Day and is held at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. This year it will be held November 4th & 5th. It is a salute to veterans of all time periods. We usually take our WWII Jeep and the Mini Jeep along w/ a display of WWII artifacts. There is always a great assortment of displays and lots to see. If you’ve never been to the Museum, this would be a good weekend to give it a try, it is a hidden gem in Lancaster. If you like trains, the Strasburg Railroad is right across the street and they offer steam engine rides through Lancaster County.

This year we plan to display WWI items from the Hans Munnich Collection and items from SSGT Shelby Spradlin of the 17th & 82nd Airborne during WWII.