Our WWII German Miscellaneous section is filled with special items that don’t fit in the main categories, but are special and definitely need to be seen. We will be rotating items it this section, so please check back often.

WWII German Portable Typewriter. Rare WWII Groma Portable typewrite. Has original case and includes rare dedicate SS key.

WWII German Luftwaffe Radio. This is a Luftwaffe barracks or canteen radio, designed to provide music and news broadcasts to Luftwaffe personnel. It is a Siemens portable long wave and short wave radio, Model K32 GWB. It is contained within a wooden carrying case that is decorated with three Luftwaffe eagles. Obtained from Black Wrinkle and Green Surplus.

WWII German Kreisleitung Flag. The Department Head, Kreisleitung  pennant with its original leather & celluloid foul weather shield, and rare storage cover.

German Portable Field Radio. The Kleinfunksprecher d (KlFuSpr.d) “Dorette” entered service in October 1944. This is the smallest set the Germans developed. Its frequency range covers 33.8 to 38.0 Mhz. The radio had two major components, the radio and the battery box. The Dorette could be used with the standard microphone, or a throat mike, along with a headset. The front panel has the sockets for plugging in the mike, the headset and the battery cable. Front panel controls consist of one switch, Off, Receive or Transmit and the main tuning control. This was the last new transceiver designed in the Third Reich. The Germans started producing the “Dorette” in October 1944, seven months before the end of the war. This was a small transceiver that was designed to communicate with the Torn. Fu. d2 , 10 W. S.c and the Feldfu. f backpack transceiver. The set consists of two parts: the apparatus case, worn on the operator’s left shoulder strap, and the battery box worn on the operator’s belt.

WWII German Silverware. Silver Political Leader Place setting

WWII German Plaque. Early multi-piece plaque, probable pre-war. Nice detail of soldier, worker and farmers.

WWII German Cold Weather Gloves. Motorcyclist’s/Dispatch rider’s were outfitted with special protective clothing that included the unique, motorcyclist’s protective coat and protective gauntlets with long, extended cuffs. Both the coats and gauntlets proved quite popular with the troops for their stylish appearance and serviceability and were commonly worn by non-motorcycle personnel in spite of regulations. Second Picture is the letter written by the veteran who brought them back.