The iems in the section are some of the most historic and rare items in our collection. We hope to continue adding to this section as our collection grows

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WWII U.S. Letter from the Nuremberg Trials. I acquired this direct from the family years ago. The person who sent this home was a guard at the Nuremberg trials and had access to the cells.
Autographs Column One: Herman Goring, Hans Fritzsche, Baldur von Schirach, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Baron Konstantin von Neurath, Walter Funk.
Autographs Column Two: Alfred Jodl, Arthur Seyss Inquart, Albert Speer, Fritz Sauckel, Alfred Rosenberg.

Below is on the reverse side of the letter:

WWII U.S. Passes from the Nuremberg Trials. These were used by Bradford Tucker during the Nuremberg Trials following WWII. One pass allowed you into the palace, the other allowed you access to the prisoners. There were very few of these access passes issued and were usually turned in when you left.

WWII U.S. War Bonds Poster. Lawrence Beall Smith, an artist known for his lithographs of children, created the poster titled “Don`t Let That Shadow Touch Them.” It was printed in 1942 for the Government Printing Office for the U.S. Treasury NARA Still Picture Branch.

WWII U.S. Souvenir Flag from the Japanese War Crimes Trials. This Flag was acquired from the prison guard who brought this home. He bought the flag as a souvenir and then had the prisoners sign it. All 25 prisoners on trial signed it. Unfortunately, the way it was stored caused some fading.

Ambassador Toshio Shiratori (Life in Prison), Minister Naoki Hoshino (Life in Prison), Minister Okinori Kaya (Life in Prison), Admiral Shigetaro Shimada (Life in Prison), Field Marshal Shunroko Hata (Life in Prison), General Kuniaki Koiso (Life in Prison), General Kenji Doihara (Death), Baron Koki Horota (Death), Genreal Jiro Minami (Life in Prison), Ambassador Mamoru Shigemetsu (7 Years), Colonel Ingoro Hashimoto (Life in Prison), Ambassador Hiroshi Oshima (Life in Prison), Baron Kiichiro Hiranuma (Life in Prison), General Kenryo Sato (Life in Prison), General Akira Muto (Death), General Iwane Matsui (Death), General Teiichi Suzuki (Life in Prison), General Yoshijiro Umezu (Life in Prison), Premier Hideki Tojo (Death), Ambassador Shigenori Tojo (20 Years), General Heitaro Kimura (Death) General Sadao Taraki (Life in Prison), Emperor’s Advisor Koichi Kido (Life in Prison), General Seishiro Itagaki (Death), General Takasumi Oka (Life in Prison).