Car Shows

Car show season is usually April through October.  There are hundreds of great car shows in our area that all benefit great causes but unfortunately we can’t make it to all of them.  Since we have military jeeps, we try to make all the shows that benefit veterans that we can.  This section of our website will highlight shows we’ve been to.  To see which shows we will be doing this year, make sure you check out our Calendar page.

2018 Merchantville, NJ Car Show

Great Willys Picnic

Mason Dixon Jeep Gathering

Mushroom Festival Car Show

Ocean City, NJ Air/Car Show

Protecting the Thin Blue Line Show

Support the Troops Car Show

Even though these are “car shows”, we usually take a display of WWII items if space will allow.  As much as people like to see our jeeps, they also enjoy seeing the equipment, pictures and uniforms from WWII.