First Lieutenant (Infantry), U.S. Army
Observer, 168th Aero Squadron (Attached), 120th Infantry Regiment, Air Service, A.E.F.
Date of Action: November 4, 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Elmer Pendell, First Lieutenant (Infantry), U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in action near Rembercourt and Charey, France, November 4, 1918. As observer in a DH-4 plane, Lieutenant Pendell flew an infantry contact machine over the line of the 7th Division. Because of exceedingly adverse weather conditions, Lieutenant Pendell disregarded the danger of fire from the ground and crossed the lines at 1,000 feet altitude. While thus flying he was wounded in the shoulder by an explosive bullet fired from the ground. Disregarding his wound, he came down to an altitude as low as 500 feet. After securing the desired information he wrote out his message with great effort and dropped it to the division.
General Orders No. 1, W.D., 1919
Birth: Waverly, NY
Home Town: Waverly, NY