The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA holds their WWII Weekend – Airshow each year during the first weekend in June to commemorate D-Day.  This is a massive 3-day event that includes everything WWI.  There are thousands of reenactors that set up well organized camps across the fields that include allied and axis participants.  The main hanger hosts WWII veterans and showcases some spectacular collections.  The Airshow portion of the show includes all types of WWII planes from trainers to fighters to bombers…including the last flying B-29s in the world (Doc & Fifi).  There are tanks, Jeeps, Trucks, vintage cars and even a fabricated WWII village that the Germans occupy until the Allies liberate the town in the afternoon.  Check the schedules and plan ahead!  The flame thrower demonstration is one-of-a-kind!  There is a huge flea market area where you can buy souvenirs as well as actual military items from WWII! If you only go to one show this year…this should be the one!